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Time:01:06 am
Lacus server cleanup is announced~

We're getting ready to implement a handfull of new HDs to the server plus a new processor and such so figured this would be a good time to tack on a bit of fall cleaning. Send an email to nalyubuites@gmail.com with the following information within five days of this posting, please. Accounts that do not respond will be removed.

(Since I've been having problems with account usage abuse lately, this is now imperative.)
(If you don't like giving me what little personal information I ask, you have seven days)
(to clean out your account.)
Your actual-rl name.
Your account username.
The purpose of use for your account.
The installed programs on your account (webservice/mush/mud/bittorrent/games etc)
An email address where you can reliably be reached.

Cross posted to the server community.
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Time:02:12 am

Crossposted to community and personal journal:

Router just now went down, and its auto-restart isn't picking up. This hints at a greater problem, which I will remedy once I get home in a few hours. So much for all that constant connection up time.

Found out what happened: Power outage.

Server will be back when power is back on and I can trip the systems back on.
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Time:01:01 am
I forwarn that on Saturday the 12th, I will be unavailable for the entire day and evening as I'm going to be hosting the NBCC/AHI LanLink 2005 tourney. Just like last year, we expect a strong showing, and I will be bringing my win-box to act as host for the games.

This means that DNS linking to the server will be down.
This affects /all/ services, including FTP, MU*, Counterstrike, RObeta, L2-c2, and Teamspeak.

This does not mean that the services will be down, but just the DNS linking to them. This means that rather than linking to *****.myftp.org, you would link instead to its ip address. This cannot be helped as the dynamic dns system is hosted on the windows machine I will be using.

The ip address is currently:

This will be in effect starting Saturday at 2pm, and stretching on until Sunday around noon.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter :)

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Time:02:04 am
Big sister says for everyone running a mush or whatnot, to check their processes to make sure they don't use ports that they weren't assigned to. We've been having some conflicting port problems as of late, so let's just double check our stuff :)

Thanks in advance.
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Subject:Accounts deleted:
Time:10:23 am
A number of accounts have fallen derelict. Either users did not email me their information and such, or they had already told me that their stuff was no longer useful.

I have made a blank backup of the accounts and delete them. If anyone decides to suddenly read this, I have their deleted account contents available for transfer if needed but I will keep the backups for only two weeks.

After that point, it goes to /dev/null :P

This also means that if anyone else wants some space on the server, I have some accounts slots open. Contact me if you wants it, or if you want to refer a friend.
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Time:10:42 pm
The Server is now reassembled and functional.

We am currently working on the restore of everyone's compressed backups as well as their account information. Everyone must email (Email is not an option) their old account info and their password.

This is the following information I need:

Your RL Name.
The Name I know you by. (like your aim or msn name)
Your Username.
The password you want.

All of these are cap-sensitive, so please be accurate.
If I don't get these, the account will not be restored.

Thank you, and have a great day.

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Time:04:24 am
It would appear that during a move, the system suffered some damage. Though I've spent a good 24 full hours + with friends trying to troubleshoot the problem, despite a half dozen certifications, I cannot figure out why this server is not booting.

Here are the symptoms:

-System emits a ultra-high pitched sound when trying to get video card post.
-System cannot get a video card post, and takes up to 60 seconds before giving the post beep, no video card post is seen, though the mobo's bios appears fine.
-Processor, on CMOS reset defaults so 1350, when re-set to it's proper 133/133 (as opposed to 100/100) for 1800mhz, the board no longer responds and refuses to boot.
-System spontaneously reboots, or shuts down without reason. Sometimes system does not respond to pushing power button to turn it back on after shutting down.

I am assuming when we were re-assembling the system that we may have hit something, but we've tried resetting cmos, reseating the processor, trying different hardware in the system (cd-drives, dvd drives, different ram sticks, pci video card, agp video card). The system runs steady at 122F (50C or so) on diags.

At this point, I'm willing to just say 'fuck it' and go ahead and scrap the current set up and just buy a brand new motherboard. But if anyone can help me out with this, I'm endebbted. I've, as far as I am concenred, tried everything.

Until I resolve the problems, Lacus is comatose. I apologize for the lack of reliability. I am going to resolve this as fast as possible.
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Time:11:48 pm
The server upgrade is taking way longer than expected due to some weird conflict with the drive geometry. Don't worry, work isn't lost.

I will bring the server back tomorrow or sunday. I am working round the clock to get it online once again! Sorry for the inconvienence.
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Subject:Lacus server upgrade
Time:01:37 am
Users today will find that Lacus is out of commission for a period of up to 12 hours, as we are upgrading the system from bsd 4.7 to the latest. I have backed up all users home directories, and they will be reinstated afterwards. No information will be lost, and all user directories will be preserved.

At the worst case scenario, a little bit of recompiling will ensue to get mushes to work again, but we'll take care of that. We might have to RESET everyone's user accounts to new passwords.

This will be completed as soon as possible. Thank you!
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Time:04:49 pm
Lacus server was rebooted today at 5:00pm.

Please restart your mush processes if they are not up!
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You're looking at the latest 10 entries.
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